English translation of talk 1

Dear Ones, Know your Self. Knowing your Self, wherever you are, however you are, live each moment in full wakefulness. In whatever state you are, however it be, live it in full awareness. Wherever you are and whatever is being done by your body, or whatever is going on in your body from morning to evening, evening to morning, just live it completely. Whatever is happening through the body or the senses, just flow with that, become the flow. Accept life. In living life, life’s pure bliss in which love is hidden, that love will be experienced. Don’t run from life. Accept life. Welcome life. Whatever is happening through you, live it fully. Become the witness of all that is happening through the body and senses. You will feel that everything is going on automatically, by itself, that ‘I am not doing anything’. All actions are going on by themselves, but because of your ego, you feel that you are doing everything yourself, ‘because of me all is being done’. When you can’t control the breathing, neither the drawing in of your breath, holding the breath, nor letting your breath out and you cannot control the digestion of your food, it gets digested by itself, and blood circulates by itself, hands, feet, eyes, ears – all do their work by seeing, hearing etc. – all that happens is happening automatically. Simply become the witness of whatever is happening through the body. Observe fully, watch yourself, watch your body, watch your mind and what’s going on in the mind. Thoughts are going and coming, you become the witness of these. Don’t stop the mind, only watch it. Don’t fight with the mind, only watch it completely. With the feeling of witnessing, watch. That’s all. If you observe the mind and body, by doing this, the feeling of peace will come. That peace, that peaceful, empty consciousness experience will come. Stay in that still consciousness. In consciousness nothing is happening, but because of this consciousness everything is happening automatically. Everything is simply happening. That’s all. Everything is happening automatically. You take yourself to be the body, mind, senses. In reality, your mind, body and senses are changing. Whatever you see, these scenes are continually changing. All things are changing, but in your body is a true element which is never changing. It never changes. It remains ever the same. You are That. Experience this within yourself. What is it? How is it? It Is. Experience this Beingness. Because of its existence, all is. The rest is all changing. That which is changing, you are not. That which you are never changes. That is your true Being. Recognize that. By recognizing it and experiencing it, live it completely, live it with full awareness each and every moment, then your life will be joyful. Your life will fill with peace, will fill with love. Your worldly life will also improve and your spiritual life will be better. That has to be. Now you are living unconsciously. This unconsciousness is the reason for sorrow and bondage. If you begin to live wakefully, begin to live in the Present, then you can never be sorrowful. It can never happen. Then life is free. Not free after death, free while living. After death how will you get freedom? After death you’ll get more sorrow, so if you want to escape that sorrow, live life with full awareness. Live life with full awareness so that you can avoid sorrow. Accept life. Life is very fresh. Don’t make a life of misery for yourselves by living unconsciously. If you live consciously, life will be fresh and filled with love and joy eternal. In this nothing is happening, but because of this force, this power, all is happening. This consciousness in this body is awakened consciousness. Experience this consciousness, experience it once and you will never be able to forget it. Observe your Self. Know your Self. What is in you? What keeps changing and what is always present? What always resides in you and what is always changing? Search within, observe your Self. Look within yourself and you will find so much. When you watch your true Self and turn inwards towards your Self, it will appear to you like a dream. This life, all that you see, is like a dream. Everything is changing, everything is false and changing, but That which is real never changes. You are That, you will experience it. Very easily you will recognize the unreal and can experience the real, that which always Is. Turn your vision inwards and see. Your life will fill with peace and love. OM OM OM.