English translation of talk 2

Dear Ones, Know your Self. As long as you don’t recognize your Self, the sorrows and joys of the mind will continue in you. Sorrows and joys come and go, but within you is an element in which there is neither joy nor sorrow, which is always the same, unchanging. In this, no activities take place, but through this, all activities are taking place. Because of this, all happens, but even so, nothing happens. In your life, whenever you get peace, whenever you experience peace, whether while eating, crying, laughing, singing devotional songs, or going to the temple, or gurudwara, or church, or bathing in the Ganges, or meeting with someone, or sharing love, or embracing someone, whenever you gain peace, through whichever medium, the reason for that peace and bliss is that your mind is quiet at that time. Your ego falls away for a short time. Because of the mind and ego falling away, you are getting peace. You feel that this peace is coming due to the outer things, but the actual reason for the peace is that the mind has gained some calm through these outer things. For a short time it has become peaceful. The ego has softened for awhile. This is the real reason why you are gaining the inner peace. Due to the ego and mind becoming calm you are experiencing inner peace, but you always return to being disturbed. Whereas you were peaceful, after a while you again become disturbed. The reason for your return to this disturbed state is that, at that time, you were ‘unconscious’. Even at the time when you were experiencing feeling peace and bliss from outside things, you were living unconsciously. Because of living unconsciously, you return to a disturbed state. Whatever you are doing, or whenever, whether sharing love, or going to the temple, or bathing in the Ganges, or hugging someone, or singing devotional songs, or listening, or singing, dancing, laughing, playing, or from whatever or wherever you are getting peace, at this time accept that moment and live it fully. If you live that moment fully, then you will very easily be able to experience this force, this consciousness from which all peace comes, from the source of which all peace and bliss is flowing. You will be able to recognize it, and if once this peace and bliss, this state of emptiness, consciousness, awakening experience comes, then you can never be disturbed again. Then those outer things through the medium of which you became disturbed for awhile, those activities, those matters, those things from which you got peace, without their help, you can have eternal peace. You can live in eternal bliss, love and joy. That is a beautiful opportunity, a very beautiful opportunity. Many beautiful occasions like this come in life. Don’t miss them. When this opportunity comes and you are peaceful, the Lord is very close. But so far, in the past, you have been missing these chances. Now don’t miss them. Until now, through unconsciousness, the gates were closed; now open the gates of consciousness. Open the gate of awakening and awareness. You can have the experience of your Lord. You can meet the Lord. That inner peace is ever in you. It doesn’t go or come from anywhere. It is completely full. There’s no question of more peace coming, or of it increasing, it is always complete and full. There’s no possibility of getting more, it is entirely replete, full. It permeates everywhere. When tendencies arise you quickly become ‘unconscious’ of the present moment. But you must not be unconscious at this time. If you are to overcome the tendency, then you must be conscious when the tendency arises. Be totally awake. It’s a beautiful opportunity to rise above it. Simply by thinking again and again of giving up some tendency, you will never rise above it. Whenever a tendency arises in you, or torments you, at that time be fully awake, stay awake. Since the tendency has energy at that moment, if you remain awake, then this energy will help you in recognizing your true Self. If you become ‘unconscious’ then you have missed it. You’re missing the chance over and over again; for how long will you keep missing it? You can never get rid of the tendency; through ‘unconsciousness’ you can never get rid of it. Through being awake, through being aware, live the moment of this tendency fully. From where is the tendency arising, where is it going? When does it arise and what feeling does it create? Live this feeling completely. Don’t be hasty at this time. If you can live within yourself in an effortless and natural way, then this time is a beautiful chance to rise above the tendency. And if once you are able to rise above it, then forever and always you can be in a peaceful and all-pervading state. Up until now, you have gained peace for a short while and then returned to being disturbed again. You go back to being sorrowful. For a while you get joy and then sorrow returns to you. This joy and sorrow will keep on interchanging. Live the moment of joy and also live the moment of sorrow. If you live the moment of joy, the state of eternal peace, the state of eternal bliss will be experienced, and if you live the moment of sorrow, the sorrowful moment will end. You will rise above sorrow. The great wonder is that you have nothing to do in this. No effort, no attempt. Wherever your body is, in whatever circumstances, whatever is going on, live this only. There’s nothing to do. Full attention. Be ready. Be awake. Live it fully. At this time, the mind is not at all necessary. Tell the mind that you have no time for it! At that time, have no thoughts of past or future. Live fully whatever is happening, live it. By living every moment of this life in this way, we can experience bliss, joy, and love in this very life, but not by running away from life or negating life. Embrace life completely. By doing this, the experience of the Lord will come.